We work together to continually develop and implement sustainable solutions. Through Green Thread, our environmental sustainability platform, we bring innovative and efficient solutions to life. We are passionately focused on reducing the environmental impact within our operations. 

Here are just a few ways we work to make our campus more environmentally conscious:

We Compost

Panther Dining, Aramark Grounds and the Agroecology Program have partnered to make a nutrient-rich soil with pre-consumer food scraps from the dining locations. The compost is used in the organic garden to grow produce sold at the FIU Farmer's Market.

Recycled Coffee Grounds

Panther Dining and Aramark Grounds have recycled used coffee grounds from Starbucks, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Café Bustelo to be used as a natural fertilizer for campus landscaping needs. While this program is temporarily in hiatus, we look forward to renewing it as it can significantly cut the amount of waste send to our landfills each year and promote a healthier environment on campus!

Think Clean...Think Green

We use environmentally friendly, Green Seal cleaning supplies. We clean our floors using Blue Cleaning Technology, which is chemical free and only uses an electrically activated water cleaning solution that breaks apart and lifts dirt from surfaces like a magnet.

Organic Snacks

Want something nutritious, great tasting and organic? Check out our organic selection in the P.O.D Market convenience store.  We offer a variety of prepared meals, dried fruits and energy bars. 

Donated Food

We serve our community by donating leftover and unused food to local community organizations. Panther Dining managers also take time to volunteer throughout the year.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are working with F.I.U Facilities and the Office of Sustainability to recycle our cardboard, office paper, plastics, glass and pens.

Feel Good Coffee

Einstein Bros. Bagels and Starbucks use Fair Trade Coffee.  This ensures that the coffee bean farmers receive fair market value for their product and encourages future production of a high quality product. 

Reusable Mugs

Get a reusable mug at Starbucks and Einstein's and get a discount on future coffee purchases at each location at the respective location. Go Green - Save Green!

We Keep Conservation in Mind

We are initiating energy and water conservation programs along with training for managers and employees.

Our French Fries Can Power a Car

We are partnering with FiltaFry to recycle our used fryer oil into biodiesel.

Tray-less Dining

The Fresh Food Co. is a tray-less dining facility. Studies show that by removing trays from all-you-can-eat venues, we significantly reduce our washing/rinsing water consumption and reduce food waste by 20%-30%.

Less Waste on the Go

At The Fresh Food Company, you can purchase a meal to-go in a reusable To-Go box - helping to minimize one-time use of paper and Styrofoam products. The To-Go box has multiple compartments and is dishwasher safe - perfect for the next use!