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Meal plans are convenient, flexible, and loaded with options - for both students and employees!  You’ll get guaranteed value, whether you eat on campus three times a week or three times a day! And you pay 0% sales tax on all meal plans! See our Meal Plan options below for more information. 

FIU Student Plans:

    • Perfect for: Residents, Students who are on campus a lot! 
      Dine at The Fresh Food Company (FFCo) whenever you like, either 7 days a week (VIP7) or any 5 days a week (VIP5). Plus you get Dining Dollars you can use at any other Panther Dining location.
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    • Perfect for: Residents w/ Kitchens or Commuters!
      These plans provide a fixed number of meals at The Fresh Food Company during each semester plus a lot of Dining Dollars you can use at any other Panther Dining location.
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    • Perfect for: Commuters! 
      These plans are 100% Dining Dollars you can use at any Panther Dining location. Save 10-25% at The Fresh Food Company (FFCo) and 10% at other Panther Dining locations.
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  • Build Your Own Plan (BYOP)
    • Perfect for: Commuters who like flexibility! 
      When you Build Your Own Plan, you choose whether to enjoy 50 or 100 visits to The Fresh Food Company and then exactly how many Dining Dollars you want each semester.
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You can add Dining Dollars to ANY meal plan!

  • FIU Employee Plans
    FIU Dining Plans are available year-round to full-time, benefit eligible FIU employees. Sign up online and only $100 gets you started. Plans provide a 20% discount off regular price at our Panther Dining locations on both MMC and BBC campuses. The money never expires. Payroll deduction Accepted!
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  • FIU Affiliate Plans
    The FIU Affiliate Dining Plans are available for individuals who are affiliated with FIU (e.g., part-time employees, adjunct professors, vendor-partners and alumni) who have an active, current FIU One Card, but are not full-time employees or students.  This allows FIU Affiliates to get a 10% discount every day at BBC and MMC Panther Dining locations.
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