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Summer 2017 Meal Plans

You can purchase plans that are good for Summer A, B/Pre-Fall, and C. Pick the plan that is right for you this summer and youll dine and save at the same time.  You can choose from Unlimited plans (Ultimate Access and VIP), All Access and Build Your Own (BYOP) plans. Unlimited meal plans are for students who are on campus a lot during Summer B and like all-you-care-to-eat flexibility at The Fresh Food Company. The Ultimate Access plans have unlimited Fresh Food Co. visits and provide a daily bonus meal at 11 national brands too. With All Access and BYOP you choose the size meal plan you need for Summer A, B/Pre-Fall, or C.  You pay 0% sales tax on all meal plans!

All summer meal plans expire at the end of Summer B/Pre-Fall semester (July 28, 2017).

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